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Piano Teacher

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What You Can Expect

2 Through a continuous process each student is assessed to gauge their current. Continue…

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Through a continuous process each student is assessed to gauge their current skills levels. Susan discusses preferred music genres, interests and goals to develop a program which reflects the individual style of the pupil. Preparation for a more formal assessment of a students current level of attainment is available.


Progressive Programme

Susan develops a progressive programme of music and musical activities for her students to inspire them not only learn to play the piano but to become well rounded musicians as well. Her approach draws inspiration from a range of creative visual and audio-visual sources, involving students in various techniques such as rhythmic exercises with percussion, poetry and visual arts.


“ Susan’s passion for the piano and its repertoire carries over into her teaching style. Her sessions are conducted in a warm but challenging manner so that her students are totally involved…… it is a pleasure to share the joy of music and the joy of teaching with Susan Head.”

Jenny Birrell, Head of Junior Music, St Catherine’s School, Waverley NSW



Playing the Piano

At the beginning of their studies, pupils usually play pieces with tunes that are familiar to them. Singing along with a tune makes playing much easier! Composition and improvisation activities are encouraged from the first lesson. As students progress, they are encouraged to experiment with music from the classical masters as well contemporary pieces and other genres to broaden their repertoire and technical skill as their musical ability increases.



Theoretical thinking and musicianship skills are taught in context alongside repertoire and technique.

The Language of music is very colourful and your music workbooks will be too! Concepts are practised through music composition and performance. Listening skills are also developed through engaging aurally in understanding the intellectual processes of music. Recordings of the students own playing are made for their own review and assessment.


Performance Workshops

As part of the private lesson package there is a performance workshop each term. In an interactive two-hour session on a Saturday afternoon, students are coached in the skills behind the art of performing and play for each other. Sometimes they are joined by guest teachers who provide new ways of focusing and expressing music through different media such as drumming or body percussion.


The finale

In November each year, students showcase the year’s work and celebrate with a concert for their families and friends.