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1Susan Head – The Teacher

Classical and Contemporary Piano

A teacher of practical and creative music, Susan Head uses contemporary and classical methods to help nurture and develop performers at all levels. She has a natural rapport with children and adult students and has more than 30 years of teaching experience.

Individual lessons, group music workshops as well as both individual and group performance coaching seminars are offered through susanheadmusic.


“Teaching the piano is not just about the student playing the right notes. The teacher is a guide, coaxing the student towards understanding music and expressing themselves.” Susan Head


Through creative processes of learning and self-discovery students learn about music and themselves. She encourages a holistic view which embraces the kinaesthetic, aural and visual styles of learning, making her sessions fun and informative.


Improvisation and composition, integral parts of her approach, release the students creative spirit and sense of music, whilst developing their the skills and techniques needed to play the piano well.

Movement and music together are essential components for understanding and developing musical concepts. Susan uses colour and appreciation of visual arts to provide students with an innovative environment for musical expression.


Susan’s private piano lessons cater for all ages and abilities, from 5 years to 85. Each pupil is taught piano skills, both musical and theoretical, according to their ability and their interests.  Susan develops a teaching programme to suit each student, depending on their skill levels and what they hope to achieve from their lessons; some students have dreams of being a concert pianist, while others just want to learn to be able to play the family piano. Susan teaches accordingly.


Lessons are held at her home in Bronte Monday to Friday. As well as individual Masterclasses, students can enrol for the year over a period of four terms. A one off trial lesson is available for prospective new students on the “Makeup Saturday” towards the end of each term.


“ Susan is an accomplished, dedicated and thoughtful teacher whose reputation has been built on a foundation of Orff and Kodaly pedagogy, with a strong sense of direction, vision and creativity.”

Rob Hughes, Head of Music, Oxley College