Piano Lessons

Piano Teacher

1 A teacher of practical and creative music, Susan Head uses contemporary and classical. Continue…

What You Can Expect

2 Through a continuous process each student is assessed to gauge their current. Continue…

You Part In Learning

3 As a student at Susan Head Music you will soon find out that lessons are creative and fun. Continue…

Fee Schedule

4 Enrolments are accepted by a process of application, interview and trial lesson. Continue…





Enrolments are accepted by a process of application, interview and trial lesson.

It is anticipated that students enrol for the year. Fees are inclusive of all Workshops. Concerts and Soirees.

For Juniors there are 37 Individual Lessons throughout the four terms together with three Performance Workshops and an End of Year Concert.

For Adults Evening Soirees are arranged by mutual agreement to encourage students to play for each other in a supportive environment.

Payment of fees in advance is confirmation of lesson day and time for the following term.

Invoices are sent three weeks prior to the end of each term and are due within 14 days.

Individual Masterclasses

$165 Per Hour by appointment

Adults Lesson

Per Term:
Option #1 $990 – 60 minutes (weekly)
Option #2 $550 – 60 minutes (fortnightly)

Juniors Lesson

Per Term:
Option #1 $660 – 45 minutes
Option #2 $440 – 30 minutes

Initial Trial Lessons

Junior – 30 Minutes – $55
Junior – 45 Minutes – $85
Adult – 60 Minutes – $110


Summer Term  

January 27 – March 26

Performance Workshop

Saturday March 13

Makeup lesson

Saturday March 20

Autumn Term

April 19 – June 25

Performance Workshop

Saturday May 22

Makeup lesson

Saturday June 19

Winter Term

July 19 – September 24

Performance Workshop

Saturday August 28

Makeup lesson

Saturday September 18

lesson break August 5-15

October 11 – December 10 


Wednesday November 17

Makeup lesson

Saturday December 4

Student Workshops at 14 Carter St, Bronte 2.30- 4.00 pm.

Concert Performance at St Catherines School, 26 Albion St, 6.30-7.30 pm  Everyone is invited. Bring family and friends and join us for supper afterwards.

Makeup lessons will be provided on the Saturday set aside each term for students who give notice of 48 hours or more of absence from their regular lesson.