Performance Coach

Susan Head – Performance Coach

What a Performance!

To be able to turn musical ability and theory into performing a beautiful moving piece of music, a musician needs to practice their performance skills. The performance is the “show and tell” of all the hard work that goes into learning to play the piano or any other musical instrument. It is also the playground of a completely different set of skills that can make for either a lacklustre or outstanding performance.

More than just the right notes

In approaching performance, Susan embraces the premise that all performance starts from the moment of booking the date. Technical skill and memorising a piece of music are just starting points. Preparation, fitness, breathing and stagecraft are additional components of the “act of the performance” which can be taught to the aspiring musician.

“Susan relates easily and confidently with students and colleagues. Susan instills in her students a greater appreciation and understanding of performance and self-confidence. She combines sound judgement and determination with a sense of humour.”

Gillian Markham, Festival Coordinator, Conservatorium of Music, 2008


Susan’s coaching methods are innovative – she builds confidence in the student, encouraging personal expression to colour each of their performances.  Once performance skills are mastered, the satisfaction her pupils experience when they play for an audience is immeasurable. 

Relaxed and in Control!

A great performance comes from orchestrating and managing the many elements of playing to a live audience: the ability to play the piece, utilising the venue layout, dealing with an audience’s expectations and using better breathing techniques.

Susan teaches these skills working on the positive outcomes the student needs to achieve, rather than trying to quell the negative emotions often associated with live performances, such as nerves, anxiety and forgetfulness.

“Thanks for all the good little ideas/suggestions and encouraging us to levels of great performance”

“Excellent point that music is about enjoyment and communicating to others. Illustrated ways that I hope will be achievable to help my pupils with enjoying their performance.”

“So relevant! Loved every bit of it. Gained many valuable teaching and learning gems.”

“Excellent relevant topics and participation of the audience” 

Comments from workshop participants 2008