Exam Information



Please take the time to read the following guidelines before committing to external exams in piano, theory, or musicianship with the following organizations:

Australian Music Examinations Board
Trinity Guildhall Exams
Associated Board Royals Schools of Music

Exams are held at various set times throughout the year with entries and fees due roughly three months prior to the examination period. Candidates should be at pass level for their attempted grade at the time of entering for the exam.  

Preparation  Everyday
When selecting a set of pieces and technical work for exam purposes, consider the amount of study required and how possible it is to fit this into everyday life. A regular practice schedule is required. This may be done in two separate sessions but should total 30 minutes daily in order to cover the material to be examined and steadily improve the physical skills of playing required for each level of development. Aspects to be covered daily include: scales and technical work (according to syllabus requirements), sight-reading, general knowledge (including the understanding of all symbols and terms within the pieces, as well as their harmonic and melodic structure), aural practice including listening and singing and three, four or five pieces of different styles selected from the syllabus categories.
Experience is a great teacher. In addition to our usual performance practice workshop each term where students play their pieces for the other students, there will be a mock exam one month prior to the exam for which each candidate will receive a report. Mock exams help candidates fully understand what is required of them mentally, physically, emotionally and musically under exam conditions, rather than experiencing this for the first time on the day of the exam itself. They provide an opportunity for candidates to learn what they need to fine-tune or focus on during their practice in the following weeks in order to present themselves successfully for the actual exam. Where possible, they will be held at the same studio as for the actual exam, together with an examiner from the relevant examination board.


Exam Costs: Piano Practical $400

Each system has a different fee scale. This is rough estimate of the costs in 2010 and includes:

at least 3 books of pieces including the syllabus set works,
a scales and technical workbook ( which would cover a few exams ),
developmental sight reading books,
aural preparation book and CD,
general knowledge book

mock exam including examiners and venue fee